The conclusion behind business valuation

Times Change.

Before modern medicine, your “barber” was your “dentist”.

Auto manufacturing was owned by Detroit.

Elon Musk and The Venture Capitalists understand the valuation of intangibles in big business and measure them well most of the time.

The answer for small business and private company valuation is best stated in step 3 of our Process. This is the “utility” of the 25 Factors system that makes it unique, transparent, so accurate, and compliance friendly.

Value Normalized Net Income: This requires weighing and determining the multiple or number to be applied and why. This is where we apply the Position Papers and the “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” to produce the required valuation that is supported by unique facts related to the company as required in Point 7 of the Tax Act Policy Paper.

Trained with, and using my proprietary methodology and system; people well experienced in business ownership, could work with an auction firm or similar business. With my methodology these firms could produce a far superior business valuation than any other group worldwide currently working in the business valuation industry.

If leaders in the auction industry or similar industries would want to work with me anywhere in the world, I am open to a conversation.

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