Intangible asset questions that should be asked of every business valuator?

  • What is your experience with, and do you have, a methodology to measure intangible assets like R&D, branding, PR, workforce, clientbase, utility, and sustainability?
  • As the chart points out, there are big asset changes between 1975 and 2022. What experience and methodology do you have to recognize if a company could utilize assets like blockchain which will transform many industries?
  • Have the valuator explain their methodology and ask if they are compliant with the Income Tax Act Policy and 41 points therein?
  • If the expert really is an expert, they will have a solid methodology.

To our knowledge there is no business valuation group or association with a robust methodology or system in place to value intangible assets and produce a tax compliant business valuation in Canada or the world that can compete with Eric’s Gold Standard.

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