Understanding your company’s fair market value is crucial for making decisions, securing investments, and creating future plans in the fast-paced business environment.

My qualifications are based on 8 points: 1. When one reviews the Income Tax Policy paper, it suggests that my methodology and process

These are the implementation steps required by my proprietary and copyrighted system. Step 1. Analyze the Balance Sheet: For example, it may be

Comparable Small Business Sale Prices Are Not Reliable. Brokers and other business valuators seem to believe in the John Chretien quote. “A

We have additional damning information that was sent to us that shows the inadequate quality of the sale price data that is

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25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation

This is methodology developed to facilitate the demands of the Income Tax Act as it pertains to all the tangible and intangible assets in a business and the experience required to find “FAIR MARKET VALUE.”