Business Valuation $1,500 to $15,000 Appraisal Services Vancouver and Valuation for Partnership and Divorce issues, CRA, Tax, Estate Freeze, Estate Rollover, Estate Planning.

Business Valuations in Vancouver following Canada’s governing legislation on business valuation.

The Parameters for Business Valuations have fundamentally changed

The chart shows us that 90% of business value is now made up of intangible assets.

Most valuators today have no methodology to measure intangible assets and generally ignore them or vaguely refer to them as “goodwill” (circa 1975 ) with no explanation as to what goodwill might be.

Our proprietary “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” methodology identifies, measures, weighs, and values 100% of company assets as required to be compliant with the Canada Income Tax Act.

25 Factors Methodology is best described as a Venture Capitalist Style Business Valuation.

Client Wins in Court

See how our commitment and strategic approach have resulted in winning in court using our business valuation methodology.

Lawyer – Matthew

Matthew is our Canada-wide Business/Commercial tax expert.

We can arrange a meeting for you to meet with him so he can liaison with your accountant to make sure all the paperwork is filed correctly in all the processes.


Lawyer – Joy

Joy has special expertise and has resolved 3 divorce related files using Eric Jordan’s business valuation reports based on the “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” methodology.

We can arrange a meeting for you to meet with her so she can liaison with your accountant to make sure all the paperwork is filed correctly in all the processes.


What I Do

This methodology of “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” allows me to “identify”, “measure”, “weigh”, and place an estimate of value on the intangible assets of any business you want to evaluate.

Need Advice?

Free consultation that will help you to understand the value of your business.

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25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation

This is methodology developed to facilitate the demands of the Income Tax Act as it pertains to all the tangible and intangible assets in a business and the experience required to find “FAIR MARKET VALUE.”

I Discuss.

I discuss with clients, in depth, the relevant 25 Factors to find what weight should be given to each factor as the act requires for reaching the fair market value. As we go through these 25 Factors, other sub factors almost always come up. Examples might be “scarcity” or “timing”. This is where business experience enters into the process. In my experience I have found hundreds of “sub factors”.

I Ask.

By asking and answering the key intangible asset valuation questions well before other valuers start to address the issues, Eric believes that his foresight, level of professionalism, and client service in relation to determining intangible asset value for business valuation is unmatched in the industry.


“I worked closely with Eric to prepare a fair market valuation of my boutique consulting business in advance of a merger negotiation. Eric’s assessment was astute, fair, and thoughtful. I believe his “25 factors” approach is comprehensive and MECE – mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. He spent a great deal of time deeply understanding my company’s scenario, and had a genuine interest in learning about my business and myself. I enjoyed our discussions, which went far beyond a transactional nature – Eric provided insight and perspective that was above and beyond my expectations. I would strongly encourage anyone considering Eric’s services to engage him – he is well worth his fees and I believe I have made a connection for many years to come. Thank you, Eric for your time and support.”


  • For the last 15 years, Eric Jordan’s valuations have focused on the intangibles.
  • His “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” model is way ahead of the curve here. This means that Eric’s clients have benefitted from the strong intangible asset valuation focus this 25-Factor approach provides.
  • Each of Eric’s Valuation Reports not only details intangible asset value, but can also be supported by key Position Papers that dig deeper into the key factors impacting your valuation.
  • These are standards gaining recognition worldwide.